The Rishta Diaries

Marriage proposals, or “rishtas” as we South Asians like to call them, have an uncanny way of finding a poor, unsuspected Desi woman where she least expects them. I’m not talking about those conventional social settings such as a wedding or a distant relatives house, where an army of aunty-jees are scouting for girls. This can be at work, in passing on the streets, in the market, almost anywhere. I’m convinced that even during Armageddon, someone, somewhere, probably an aunt-jee figure of roughly 4 ft 9 inches with binocular like spectacles, will be attempting to play cupid for her father’s sister’s mother’s sister’s unsuspecting daughter. You get the picture.

Where there is an eligible, single Desi girl, there are marital sharks cruising the waters, looking for their next kill- I mean, rishta.

These Rishta Diaries are an attempt to poke fun at Desi (and some non-Desi) matchmaking norms, whilst trying to debunk the logic that goes behind them. Some accounts are pure fiction, others are based on real experiences.

If there are any tech-wise aunty-jees out there who have stumbled across this blog, WARNING: You are advised to read the contents of these posts with the utmost discretion. You have been warned…


2 thoughts on “The Rishta Diaries

  1. This is beyond funny but rightly true in most cases. From what I’ve seen it seems you have been bombarded with rishtas you obviously disapprove of on many occasions, like many. I hope if you are still single that you find happiness and a compatible partner if you are striving to achieve such at some point. 🙂 The best thing in life is to just take a positive approach regardless of what people, families and so on intend or say, just submit yourself to the power, loyalty and magnificence of God and he will help you. If you can’t rely on people, then what a lot of people forget is that God is there and will always be there to help more than anyone, so long as you plead for help and pray to him. That’s all he wants from people. Stay positive, keep smiling, keep busy, carry on. 🙂 Wishing you all the best x

    • Absolutely. Optimism is the remedy to any situation. I always like to use humour myself, but to each their own as they say! I’m commenting not just about my own experiences, but those of others as well. The experience of Desi women in general! And thank you for your well wishes 🙂

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