Don’t Be Shy

I was wandering around the Al Koutoubiya mosque in Marrakech earlier this week, when this small man approached me and started giving me a brief history of the mosque. I must have had the “lost tourist look” plastered on my face, not least because I had frantically sprinted to the mosque to take some quick photos with only 5 minutes to spare before my taxi had to leave.

Mustafa, as he later introduced himself, is one of the official mosque tour guides of Al Koutoubiya mosque. After communicating with him in broken French with an exaggerated anglo-French accent about who he was and where he came from, he completely took me off guard when all of a sudden, he started quoting lyrics from songs by Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens. Before I knew it, I was singing Three Little Birds and Father and Son with a 60-something year old man outside the walls of an ancient mosque in Morocco.

You have to love life for the little moments of surprise it hurls at you. You can find you share commonalities with the unlikeliest of people, regardless of any demographic box we like to reduce them to.

There might be more than four decades age difference between us, but Mustafa and I share a common passion: we like to shamelessly sing our hearts out when the music takes us.


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