Blue Doors and Lime Hijabs

The architecture of the northern costal city of Essaouira is a sight to see.

With its blue painted doors and windows, archways, and white plastered walls, people say it’s reminiscent of a coastal city in France. Funny since it was actually designed by a French architect.

In the photo above, the lady with the lovely lime hijab walked past just as I turned around to take a photo of the door. Call it fate or pure chance, but the Lady in Lime walked by just when I needed her to. You have to applaud her for her impeccable choice in hijab color.

Essaouira is also known as the “Wind City of Africa”, where wind surfers make the most of the windy weather there.

I decided to clamber away from the hustle and bustle, outside the city walls in patent Michael Jacksonesqué brogues. Perhaps the worst possible choice of shoes for a holiday, ever. But I got a good photo in the end. As the idiom goes, no foot pain, no photo gain, or something like that.
The view, especially outside the city walls near the sea, reminds me of shots from Ridley Scott’s movie Kingdom of Heaven as well. It was in fact used in Orson Welle’s adaptation of Othello.

With its stunning architecture, scenic views and a permanent golden light it seems to be permanenly bathed in, Essaouira is without a doubt, a little Kingdom of Heaven in its own right.


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