Marrakech’s Very Own Cave of Wonders 

During a short stay in Marrakech, Morocco, earlier this week,  I met Ibrahim, the artist responsible for the beautiful, meticulous design you can see on this table.

Like many, he learned the trade from his father. It took him 6 days to paint this entire table with a combination of traditional geometric and floral designs.


When I walked into his his shop, it looked slightly empty, and was heavy with the smell of paint. But then I was confronted with a view of this table. His shop is a little cave of wonder in its own right, with the almost hypnotic whirl of designs jumping out at you from various pieces of furniture littered about, and from the ceiling as soon as you walk in.

The beauty gushing out from his fingertips incredible. His hand was so poised, so steady with each brushstroke that he made. There’s no doubt the man has manual dexterity skills to rival that of a surgeon.


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