The Man by the Sea

Meet sixty-three year old El Mourabite Brahim, a painter from Essaouira. 

He caught my eye on my way out of the city fort, because he was squatting on this wall smoking almost meditatively as he gazed out to sea. 

He had a pretty majestic view, so I quickly clambered up the wall to talk to him and get a front row view myself. When I got up, I realised had he stepped only one step further either side, he would have fallen straight into the water below. 

So as I approached him, I walked cautiously as if I was “walking the plank” as the Pirates of old used to say, especially since I was wearing patent Michael Jackson style brogues with no grip. I pretended I wasn’t phased at all by the fact he was perched precariously on this brick wall, by asking him a series of question in rapid fire succession. The safety standards of Europe have clearly tamed the thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkie within me. 

With his sunglasses, blazer and checked shirt, he looked quite the picture sat beside the sea. So when I asked him if I could take his photograph, he was all too happy to oblige, but only if I posted it on social media. 
So here is El Mourabite in all his glory. 


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