Yusuf from Jimi Hendrix 

Yusuf is the man who helped me realise my dream of galloping on a horse with the audacious swag of Arwen. 

Actually, I flatter myself when I say gallop. Really, it was a slow trot/walk. Horses are very spirited, so I was inwardly petrified I would go flying off the saddle Evil Knievel style if I rode on it too fast. 

Yusuf was also the same man who told me Jimi Hendrix, the famous British guitarist, visited Essaouira. Because of my poor French language skills, I assumed he said he lived in a town named after Jimi Hendrix. Before you judge me, it’s not entirely unbelievable simply because there’s a town on this earth named after Batman. Either I need to clean my ears out thoroughly, or I desperately need to brush up on my French skills. 


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