Marrakech: Morocco’s Motorcycle Capital

Marrakech is dubbed Morocco’s motorcycle capital because, well, it’s a bit obvious isn’t it? Look at these folks living life in the fast lane.

I had several close encounters almost getting knocked down by motorcycle riders. But I managed to dodge them with some clumsy Matrix-like manoeuvres. The wrestling matches and fake bullet dodging sessions I had with my brothers all those years ago came in handy after all.

Surprisingly, a lot of the motorcycle drivers I saw were visibly Muslim women. They were driving on top of their metallic steeds with their hijabs under their helmets, although sadly, I didn’t mange to snap a good photo of any of them.

After watching those women ride on the roads of Marrakech with such audacious swag, I’m itching to purchase a Harley Davidson and reincarnate the hijabi version of Arnold Scharzenegger’s “Terminator.”


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