The Nimble Fingers of Venetian Tailors 

Guillaume and Alberto are two young designer extraordinaires working in Venice. I came across them as I walked past the Nicolao Atelier costume shop which specialises in making 18th century costumes. 

Walking into the store was like going through a time warp into Shakespearian Venice. There were curly grey wigs, various props and stunning embellished costumes everywhere, some of which were used by movies. 
Venice has traditionally held an annual masquerade carnival for the last few centuries. This particular store was responsible for designing and producing 10,000 costumes for the masquerade ball this year. 

When I walked in, Alberto and Guillaume were busy assembling a costume in the window display. 

Their manager told me how the two of them insisted on staying behind to finish the display even though it was past closing time, and how their passion for their work was so admirable to her.

They spoke little English, but their impassioned Italian when they talked about their work spoke volumes about just how much they live and breathe what they do. 

The mark of an artist is that your work becomes you. For Alberto it seems to be the case quite literally, because he was still holding the mannequin’s dismembered hand when I took his photo.


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