Jummah Prayer in Al Aqsa


“Water is a blessing.”

I hear that said a lot by fellow Brits complaining when the heat creeps up a few degrees in this sun-forsaken land during our so-called “summer”.

But standing in the heat of Jerusalem, with over 250,000 people swarming around me for Friday prayers, believe me when I say it didn’t sound cliché. I wanted to kiss every person that showered me with droplets as I trudged past them, dehydrated and virtually cooking under the middle-eastern sun.

Usually, I would probably clobber someone with a chappal if they were to throw water on me as I passed them. But in Jerusalem, with 32 degrees of heat, it was more than welcome. Instead of dodging streams of water as it was sprayed in every direction by men, women and children alike, I found myself almost swan-diving towards the water wherever I could find it. Like a moth to the flame, or like a fish to the sea and all that.

You can see this kid is ecstatic as he’s blasted with the spray of a water cannon. After taking this photograph, I soon joined in as well.


*These photos were taken during the holy month of Ramadan.*


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