Kids of Palestine


Qasim here knew his way around my DSLR camera better than I did. When I asked him how he knew so much about cameras, he said his father was a photographer.


These kids were having the time of their lives getting pushed down the stone-paved streets of Jerusalem from on top of a cart. Life is good when you’re a kid.


Hebron, a city which has been the site of much violence recently, was virtually a ghost-town when I went to visit the mosque of Ibrahim/Abraham.

This little Palestinian girl came almost as if out of nowhere, waving her peace sign in defiance straight into my lens.


This young Palestinian girl, who followed a group of girls and I to a small mosque deep in east Jerusalem, struck this pose when I snapped her photo.

She nailed the duck pose better than I ever could.


I didn’t ask Mustafa to pose. He just did even before I could ask him.



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