The Dome of the Rock


It’s a struggle to articulate just how breathtaking the interior of the Dome of the Rock is, so I’ll leave it to the 14th century explorer, Ibn Battuta. He said it better than I ever could:

“The Dome of the Rock is a building of extraordinary beauty, solidity, elegance, and singularity of shape… Both outside and inside, the decoration is so magnificent and the workmanship so surpassing as to defy description. The greater part is covered with gold so that the eyes of one who gazes on its beauties are dazzled by its brilliance, now glowing like a mass of light, now flashing like lightning.”

My non-Muslim friend tells me she was unable to see it on her visit there as non-Muslims aren’t permitted to enter the mosque compound. It truly is such a shame that that is the case. Here’s to hoping that will change someday!





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