The World’s First Interfaith Hijab


As I was sat in the cafeteria of my hotel, I could see this lady (pictured) watching me from the corner of my eye.

After a few moments, one of her friends approached me, pointed at their friend and said: “Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but my friend Susan wants to know how you wrapped your hijab.”

Now for those of you who don’t know me, you couldn’t possibly begin to understand the sheer hilarity of what she said. When it comes to wrapping a hijab around my head, I am a walking, talking, sartorial disaster. By no means am I a Dina Tokio hijabi. I’m more like one of those “I’ll just wrap my scarf around my head Egyptian mummy style thanks.” And yet here was Susan asking how I went about wrapping my hijab, my Elvis Presley, Iranian style hijab as it happens.

I gestured to Susan to come over to where we were sat. When she came over and sat with me, she told me how she wanted to go to an orthodox Church and needed to learn an easy hijab style to cover her head out of respect.

The only word of advice I could offer her, was that she would need a cap to ensure her scarf didn’t slip backwards.

At this point, she interjected and said she didn’t have a cap. But she did have a kippah, a small cap worn by Jewish men. She then whipped out a silk kippah to show me she was telling the truth.

She thanked me for my “advice” and went on her way, promising she would come back to show me her finished hijab style.

After we’d broken our fast, Susan eventually came up to me to show me the finished product, and said:

“A kippah and a hijab worn by a Christian woman? This is an interfaith hijab!”

I guarantee you will never have seen a hijab quite like this.


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