The Artist from Lahore

Bilal is an artist from Lahore. I spotted his art hanging on a fence outside a local park on a last minute shopping spree.
He was never formally trained, but he inherited the business from his father who started it all up in 1991 when the family moved to Islamabad. 
He used to own the cafe across the road which he used as a shop, but he eventually sold up and starting selling on the streets. 
People in Pakistan struggle to get by with regular jobs, let alone unconventional and unstable professions such as that of an artist, so I asked him how he manages to make a living. 
“When you sell on the road compared to a shop, people don’t value your work as much. Four or five years ago, business was good, but these days, people aren’t buying, not even foreigners.” 
“Why do you do it then?”
“Dil Se”, he said in Urdu. Because he does it from the heart.


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