The Separation Wall





A few kilometres from Jericho, in a mosque where the prophet Moses/Musa was said to be buried, this one-eyed feline beauty was relaxing in the shade whilst the rest of us humans were melting in 43 degrees of torrid desert heat.

Something our tour guide told us to raise our heat-struck spirits comes to mind:

“If someone offered you a choice between $2 million dollars and water, which would you take if you were travelling through this desert?”

My furry friend would no doubt opt for the shade. I on the other hand would kill for some water.

The Muslim Caretaker of an Armenian Church


Hidden away in a corner in the markets of east Jerusalem a few minutes away from the Damascus gate, there is a small Armenian church tucked away in a corner.

Yaseen (pictured right), is the caretaker of the church. He just happens to be Muslim.

His friend Isa (pictured left), runs a small cafe right next to the church.

When I commented on how lovely it is to see a Muslim man looking after a church, Yaseen said: “This is not suprising. In Palestine, Muslims and Christians get along. Isa is Christian, I am Muslim. We are all the same.”

At this point, Isa piped in and added:

“I am not Christian. I am Muslim Catholic.”

This is fraternity at its best.

The Snake Charmers of Jerusalem


Whilst I was walking close to the Damascus gate the Jerusalem, three guys were trying to earn a bit of money by allowing people to take a photograph with their snakes. They advertised their reptilian wares by shouting in Arabic:

“Beautiful snakes for beautiful ladies!”

Clearly their charming marketing techniques worked with me.





Zahwa was walking around the Al Aqsa compound when I saw her.

She really looked so beautiful in her dress with its traditional Palestinian thread work.

Her friends walking behind laughed and teased her as she struck a pose with her walking stick.

We young folks have much to learn from our classy elders, both when it comes to passing on wisdom and fashion advice.