What is “Chai Wallay”?

WHERE does the name of the blog “CHAI WALLAY” come from?

Chai“, meaning tea, in languages such as Urdu, Hindi and Pashto, is the quintessential drink of South Asia. A South Asian household is simply not complete without a selection of chai.

The “Chai Wallay” are simply tea sellers. Charismatic individuals grinning from ear to ear, selling their tea produce on the bustling streets of India and Pakistan.

WHAT is “CHAI WALLAY” (this blog) about?

In using the chai wallay analogy, we hope to help brew caffeinated love amongst lovers and non-lovers of tea, Desis and non-Desis, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, condensing complex thought into the manageable confines of a tea cup. This blog serves as a means to capture the humour, beauty and diversity observed in South Asian and Muslim communities in Bradford, London and elsewhere.


5 thoughts on “What is “Chai Wallay”?

  1. Interesting Articles, espcially chai one, even though I never had a sip of it all my life but still it reminds me off a funny thing happened years ago related to chai.

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